Architecture Library Facilities

The Architecture Library is located on the second floor of the McEwen School of Architecture at 85 Elm Street in downtown Sudbury. The Library is accessible by stairwell and elevator and is on the same floor as three of the six studios and the majority of faculty offices. The Library is approximately 4,850 square feet and is heavily used during term. It is the only room in the entire complex of architecture buildings that is carpeted, and interestingly, the carpet has a pixelated graphic of the Sudbury impact basin. Library exhibits showcase materials or events at the School, Library Lunch & Learn sessions and students’ design work, making the space dynamic and welcoming.

The Architecture Library is configured with eight alcove-styled carrels for one or two individuals each, as well as long maple tables with caster seating with room for up to seventy (the typical class size at the School of Architecture). The informal lounge seating at the south end of the library is conducive for quiet reading, informal discussions, or public events. Given that the Library officially opened January 19, 2017, the facility, which showcases CLT, is new, warm and inviting. It serves as a wonderful breakout space for students looking for an alternative to studio seating, for small group discussion, or a quiet place for research or study.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Labs are located in the Old Market Building on Elgin Street, which also contains the McEwen School of Architecture’s Cultural Room, a multi-use teaching space. The McEwen School of Architecture has 5 different, yet connected Laboratories:

  1. The Wet Lab
    The Wet Lab is dedicated to all procedures that require water, such as experiments in concrete, plasters, general earthen construction, dying, and other liquid techniques.
  2. The Photo Lab
    The Photo Lab is generally used for high quality documentation of architectural models and other small to medium scale work. The Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, backdrops, and cameras. See Technologists for assistance.
  3. The Digital Lab
    The Digital Lab is equipped with multiple computer workstations, several Universal Laser Cutting Systems and 3D printers. The Digital Lab is also equipped with a 3-axis AXYZ CNC Router and a large 6-axis Kuka Robotic Arm with 3D printing and milling capabilities inlcuding a 4meter linear track.Advanced training is required for all of the above, and is reserved for Third, Fourth year, and graduate students.
  4. The Wood Lab & Assembly Area
    The Wood Lab is dedicated to all operations in wood and products made of wood. It is equipped with a multitude of tools, from chisels to thickness planers.

Lecture Hall - SA123

The AV equipment in the Lecture Hall consists of a podium with touch panel controls. The room itself has 2 modes. Presentation Mode consisting of dual projectors and screens that allow a single source or dual sources projected in tandem. Movie Mode utilizes the center laser projector and a cinema screen.

Plotter Room

Located in the 2nd year studio space (west end) are a set of large format plotter. Students can print to these plotters from any available computer located on site. An iMac is also set up in the space to facilitate self-serve scanning.

Computer Lab - SA219

The main Computer Lab, also known as the IT Classroom, provides the students access to 35 computers with all relevant software used at the McEwen School of Architecture. From here students can also print to any printer on site. The space is also equipped with a podium and projector that can be used with the built-in podium PC or an VGA/*HDMI connected device to allow a class to be taught right in the lab.

Student Lounge - SA118

Students have access to a dedicated student lounge with kitchenette and includes a 70” LED TV with a separate HDMI input that can be used to display any device with the proper output.