Full-time Faculty and Administrators

Tammy Gaber Associate Professor Ph.D. Director
Jean-Philippe Saucier Master Lecturer Architect Undergraduate Coordinator
Randall Kober Master Lecturer B.Arts, M.Arch Graduate Coordinator
705 675 1151 #7206

Full-time Faculty

Steven Beites Assistant Professor
Mark Baechler Assistant Professor Architect
Shannon Bassett Assistant Professor MAUD, BArch
Aliki Economides Assistant Professor Ph.D.
Terrance Galvin Professor Ph.D. Founding Director
Patrick Harrop Associate Professor Architect
Emilie Pinard Associate Professor Ph.D.
Thomas Strickland Assistant Professor Ph.D
Ted Wilson Master Lecturer Architect
Kai Wood Mah Associate Professor Architect Ph.D.
Bruce Wrightsman Assistant Professor Architect

Sessional Instructors

Kemal Alladin Intern Architect Sessional
Amber Baechler Architect Sessional
Kristin Beites Architect Sessional
Breana Chabot M.Arch Sessional

Fabrication Lab Technologists

Emilio Portal
W-107 705-675-1151 #7213
Francis Thorpe
W-106 705-675-1151 #7212


Tina Cyr Administrative Assistant
SA-108 705-673-6500
Victoria Dominico Administrative Assistant
SA-105 (reception) 705-675-1151 #7201
Corine Loranger Co-op Coordinator
Dorothy Robb Library Assistant
SA-221 705-675-1151 #7271

Elders and Knowledge Carriers

William Morin
Martina Osawamick
Art Petahtegoose

Adjunct Faculty

Blaine Nicholls Adjunct Professor
Patrick Stewart Adjunct Professor

Visiting Scholars

Douglas Cardinal Architect Fall 2020
Jean-Bruno Morissette M.Sc. Architect Fall 2019