Architecture Portfolio Workshop with Bruce Mau

The MSoA will be hosting an Architecture Portfolio Workshop to help BAS applicants develop and/or improve their portfolio, which will be led by renowned graphic designer Bruce Mau. This event will be delivered virtually on Zoom on Thursday Jan.19 from 5pm to 7pm.

Bruce Mau was born in Sudbury and is a member of the MSoA International Advisory Board. He is the chief executive officer of Massive Change Network, a Chicago-based design consultancy, and he is also a professor who has taught at multiple institutions in the United States and Canada.

The event will also be hosted by Tammy Gaber (MSoA Director and Associate Professor), with Ivan Samoylenko and Roch Goulet (from Laurentian University). All 2023 applicants (as well as Guidance Counsellors and leads with term goal of 2024F or 2025F) are encouraged to attend.

Follow this link register to the Zoom Webinar. See you there!