Building the Thesis Colloquium

On October 28, 2020, the McEwen School of Architecture brought together three recent graduates from accredited Schools of Architecture in Canada, to present their thesis projects and participate in a moderated bilingual panel discussion.

The event showcased the work of one thesis project completed in English, one in French, and one on an Indigenous topic. The three speakers have been nominated by their respective schools as exemplary Class of 2020 MArch graduates.

The speakers were:

  • Rebecca Cey, Michelle Bootsma, and Crystal Hofer from the University of Calgary for the project Nourish: Food + Community + Cycles of Life.
  • Thibault Nguyen from Université Laval for the project on the inhabited connection, or, the design of an oasis of deceleration.
  • Jesse Martyn from the University of British Columbia for the project Beyond Industry: A Systems-Based Approach to Collective Form.