Fall 2021 Final Reviews

The BAS and M.Arch Fall 2021 Final Reviews start this upcoming Monday Dec. 13 at the MSoA, and will go on until Saturday Dec.18. Many reviews will be held in person, while some are happening online. Please find below the schedule for the Final Reviews. Zoom links will soon be provided by Victoria Dominico for those who wish to attend virtual reviews.
Please join us in supporting the students in this important step of their studies.
Good luck everyone!
Monday Dec. 13: 1st year Ice Station Reviews (14h00 - Crit Pit)
Tuesday Dec. 14: 2nd year Sauna Reviews (9h00 - Virtual)
Wed. Dec.15 2nd year Sauna Reviews (9h00 - virtual) + M1 Bridges Review (10h00 - Virtual)
Th.Dec.16 erd year Review (9h00) + 4th year Review (14h00) + Community 1 review (9h30)
Fr.Dec.17 - 3rd year review (9h00) + 4th year review (9h00)
Sat.Dec.18 COmmunity 2 review (I9h00)