Architecture In The Clouds

Professor Shannon Bassett is moderating and presenting at this year’s 46th Annual Conference for the Society of the Study of Architecture (SSAC) in Canada, “Architecture in the Clouds.”


Her session is entitled “Recovering and transforming obsolescent cultural landscapes | Récupération et transformation de paysages culturels obsolètes “.
There will be two sessions of this held on Saturday May 29 at 1:00pm and 3:00 pm EST.


Please check out the link to the entire conference, which includes two roundtables, film screenings, a guided tour, a public lecture and over 20 hours of presentations of the most current research on design and the Canadian built environment. A full program can be found here on the SSAC conference website.


This year, the conference is free to all members. SSAC is also offering student subsidies to offset the cost of student memberships. They will also issue participation certificates to those who are interested in submitting them for professional continuing education credit.