Cultural Sustainability (F19)

ARCH-4016 – Cultural Sustainability – Fall 2019 
This course examines a series of case studies, texts and architectural works that aims at understanding and supporting the cultural and social dimensions embedded in the built environment. Through research and a reflection on their work during the previous years of design school, students are invited to think critically about the values embedded in design, the consequences for the practices, knowledge and livelihoods of users and communities globally, as well as the different roles of architects in society.

Course taught by Emilie Pinard.

ASG-2 - Cultural Sustainability Game

This 3 parts assignment focused on play and games as a way for architects to develop alternative forms of civic engagement and to educate the larger public on urgent urban and architectural issues. In  groups of 4, students developed a Cultural Sustainability board game that aimed at raising awareness on one of the specific topics covered in class. The game had to be situated in the context of Sudbury, be targeted for 4 players and last approximately 1 hour. Students had the opportunity to test their game prototype and final version in class.

Below you will find images of the student made games (with authors’ name), as well as photos from the testing day event.