Architectural Theory Seminar (F20)

ARCH-5006 – Architectural Theory Seminar – Fall 2020
This advanced seminar in architecture examines architectural theory from a variety of perspectives. Selected issues in architectural thinking are a vehicle to discuss wider issues in architectural discourse. Modularity, mass production, the role of tectonics, the social role of architecture, and meaning in contemporary architecture are themes from which the course draws its content. Students read primary source material from a variety of authors and sources on architecture and design.

Course taught by Izabel Amaral. 

ASG-1 - Research paper - Words of Architectural Theory

The goal of this research work is to collectively produce a dictionary with short essays on theory of architecture. Choosing a precise term from a selected list, each group of two students is required to do documentary research, select illustrations and write a short essay. The research investigated the history of a term, its meanings and usages in the field of architecture, and in relevant related disciplines. The essays also study the term’s etymology and list translations to French, Ojibway and one more language of the student’s choice. These essays discuss the significance of specific words to architectural theory, and their fruitfulness to critical practice, forming a collective book on theory of architecture.

You will find below excerpts images from the collective dictionnary, as well as the complete publication in PDF.