Faculty Research Seminar 01 (F20)

ARCH-5316 – Faculty Research Seminar 01 – Fall 2020
This course allows individual faculty members to present specialized projects or current research within a graduate seminar setting. The course has 3 to 4 parallel sections and each section has a specific instructor for the entire term. Instructors present their individual research as a venue for further study and discussion by students. Research topics presented by each instructor may inform or complement architectural questions arising in Thesis Studio 1 (ARCH 5555).

Course taught by Mark Baechler. 

ASG-1 - Drawing Analysis

The Drawing Analysis assignment requires students to complete a graphic analysis of a selected architectural drawing and produce analytical drawings that evaluate or interpret the drawing under review.

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ASG-2a-2b - Drawing Imagination

The Drawing Imagination assignment is an exploration of architectural thinking through drawing. It requires students to reflect upon an architectural idea (that may be related to their M.Arch thesis) and establish a method for which the architectural thought will be developed through the act of drawing. Students are required to create a single drawing or a series of drawings that illustrate their architectural imagination.

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