Pan-Canada Lecture Series: Wanda Dalla Costa

The last lecture from the Pan-Canada Lecture Series will be hosted by Université Laval this Wednesday Mar. 10 at 7:00 pm (online). The guest speaker is Wanda Dalla Costa. The topic is Indigenous Futurities, Designing for Resilience. The session will focus on decolonizing design from an Indigenous perspective. The workshop will dive into four Indigenous-centric concepts (Futurity, Placekeeping, Pluriverse and Design as Ceremony). Participants will come away with an awareness of Indigenous design practices, and tools to add to their own process and research.

Wanda Dalla Costa holds a joint position between The Design School as Institute Professor and the School of Construction as Associate Professor and is the director/founder of the Indigenous Design Collaborative (IDC) at Arizona State University. She also is the firm principal of Tawaw Architecture Collective. She is a member of the Saddle Lake First Nation and has spent nearly 20 years working with Indigenous communities in North America. Dalla Costa was the first First Nation woman to become an architect in Canada. Her current work focuses on re-operationalizing Indigenous ways of knowing, being and connecting in contemporary architecture education and practice. Her interests include co-design methodologies, Indigenous place-keeping and climatic resiliency based in regional architectures.