Accreditation Update

During the Fall 2020 semester, the MSoA submitted its Architecture Program Report (APR) to the Canadian Architectural Certification Board as part of our application for Initial Accreditation. The CACB then appointed the Visiting Team who will virtually visit the School from March 14-19, 2021 and assess if our curriculum successfully meets the CACB Conditions and Terms for Accreditation (as well as review our facilities, resources, etc.). The Visiting Team will be reviewing the various Student Performance Criteria (SPCs) outlined in your course syllabi each term. This is a very exciting moment in the MSoA’s history, and we are confident in our program moving forward.

Students are invited to provide feedback to the Visiting Team during their visit. For more information, please see the email from Victoria Dominico – participants must register beforehand.

Here is the composition of the Visiting Team:

Myriam Blais, Professor, Université Laval, Québec
Jean-François Lejeune, Professor, University of Miami, USA
Richard de la Riva, Architect, Affleck de la Riva, Montréal
Claudia Schaaf, Architect, MTA Urban Design Architecture Interior Design, Calgary
Meghan Lamb, Intern Architect, Meg Lab, Halifax
Nathalie Dion, Architect, Provencher-Roy, Montréal