Congratulations to 2021 graduates and award recipients!

On June 24, the MSoA held its annual graduation and awards ceremony to celebrate the 2021 BAS and M.Arch graduates. We would like to congratulate you from the bottom of our heart! You have shown amazing resilience as you completed your degree under unique and challenging conditions. Nonetheless, your work was truly amazing, which is a testament to your passion, dedication, talent and hard work. We are proud of each and every one of you and wish you the best in your future endeavours. For those returning with us in the Fall, we can’t wait to see you in person! Here are the June 2021 BAS and M.Arch graduates:

BAS: Rebecca-Lynn Armstrong / Reese Babcock / Bruno Battiston / Chris Benny Paul / Nicole Brunet / James Bursa / Liam Bursey / Liam Callahan / Mackenzie Cameron / Lauren Carr / Yinyu Chen / Sarah Chin / Gabrielle Cole / Catherine Daigle / Luca Dorigo / Steven Enns / Michael Ferraro / Maxwell Funk / Muskan Goel / Tiffany-Lynn Hodgins / Adrian Hutchinson / Nicholas Irvine / Christopher Johnson / Jonathan Kabumbe / Dhruv Kantharia / Candice Kinnunen / Harrison Lane / Saumya Madan / Tavleen Mann / Rebecca McLennan / Aaron McRoberts / Brook-Lynn Roy / Yasaman Sana / Lejla Sejdinovic / Sydney Sheppard / Rohandip Singh / Jessica Tandazo / Zachary Thompson / Thomas Vanderkruk / Brett Walter / Kyara Wendling / Madison Yarrow / Cassandra Young / Keller Ziesmann

M.Arch: Kristen Aleong / Muriel Barker / Sarah Cen / Breana Chabot / Simao Da Silva / Vennice de Guzman / Cassidy Duff / Isaac Edmonds / Daniel Everett / Kody Ferron / Sarah Fox / David Gagnon / Kristina Hakala / Carolina Hanley / Rhiannon Heavens / Alex Langlois / Evan Lavallee / Michael Letros / Aidan Lucas / Maeve MacDonaold / Cole MacIsaac / Michelle McLaren / Lila Nguyen / Kelly O’Connor / Riya Patel / Jennie Philipow / Derrick Pilon / Shiyan Pu / Pascal Rocheleau / Matthew Steacy / Devin Tyers / Max Vos Coupal

The MSoA would also like to seize this opportunity to congratulate all the BAS and M.Arch graduates who have received an Undergraduate Final Project Award or a Thesis Award, highlighting your exceptional work. On June 24, a total of 27 awards and $15,500 were bestowed to 28 BAS and M.Arch graduates. We would also like to thank all the generous donors who made these scholarships possible, including those who have shown continuous support for our School, as well as the friends of MSoA who have offered new generous financial support this summer. We cannot thank you enough!

Continuous support: Cheryl and Rob McEwen / Yallowega Bélanger Salach Architecture / Centreline Architecture / TD Bank / Rya and Eric Levitt (Janna Levitt) / Kate Bowman, Blaine Nicholls and Terrance Galvin / MSoA faculty and staff

Friends of MSoA: Roch Bélair / Phill and Stacy Bernier / Brian Bertrand (Bertrand Wheeler Architecture) / Jannet and Dennis Castellan / Diana Fuller / Barry Green / Tim and Marisue James / JN Constructions (Nancy Titton) / Mr. Nero Contracting and Restoration / Fanco Pastore (IDEA inc.) / Rod and Rita Schutt / J.L. Richards and Associates


Awards in five categories were bestowed to the best 4th year integrated design studio projects. These team projects were completed over two semesters in ARCH-4505 and ARCH-4515. Each award comes with a $500 scholarship, thanks to the generous $3,000 donation of J.L. Richards & Associates, who have been supporting the students this entire year, through engineering consulation sessions, as they developped their design and systems integration (envelope, structure, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, artificial lighting, daylighting, passive systems, active renewable systems and urban design).

J.L. Richards & Associates Limited Awards for Design Excellence – Award for Urban Design and Integration ($500)
Yinyu Chen, Muskan Goel & Sydney Sheppard

J.L. Richards & Associates Limited Awards for Design Excellence – Award for Architectural Design and Spatial Qualities ($500)
Reese Babcock and Liam Bursey

J.L. Richards & Associates Limited Awards for Design Excellence – Award for Material Exploration and Expression ($500)
Sarah Chin & Jonathan Kabumbe

J.L. Richards & Associates Limited Awards for Design Excellence – Award for Social Engagement and Inclusivity ($500)
Rebecca McLennan & Brett Walter

J.L. Richards & Associates Limited Awards for Design Excellence – Award for Building Systems Integration (2x $500 – Ex Aequo)
Lejla Sejdinovic & Thomas Vanderkruk
Lauren Carr, Catherine Daigne & Harrison Lane


A total of 21 awards were bestowed to the best thesis projects. These thesis were completed over two semesters in ARCH-5555 and ARCH-5565. The MSoA M.Arch Thesis is a research and design project that makes a contribution to architectural knowledge and practice. The thesis includes the self directed architectural project and integral critical written discourse of roughly 10,000 words. Each award rewards a particular and exemplary aspect of the Thesis and most awards come with a scholarship.

Canadian Architect Student Awards of Excellence – Great overall design
Breana Chabot
Simao Da Silva
Jennie Philipow

BTES Edward Allen Award (Medal) – Integration of building technology
Isaac Edmonds

Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) King Medal – Innovation in design research
Jennie Philipow

Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) Guild Medal – Overall academic excellence and innovative approaches to sustainability in the thesis
Simao Da Silva

McEwen School of Architecture Book Award (2x $250 Ex-Aequo) – Excellence in graphic representation
Vennice de Guzman
Alex Langlois

The McEwen Graduate Award for Social Engagement ($1,000)
Lila Nguyen

The McEwen Graudate Award for Craft and Technology ($1,000)
Simao Da Silva

The McEwen Graduate Award for Sustainability and Stewardship ($1,000)
Derrick Pilon

The Rya and Eric Levitt Memorial Graduate Award ($1,000) – Excellent thesis from an Indigenous student
Max Vos Coupal

The Faculty and Staff Award (4x $500 Ex-Aequo) – Creativity and innovation in design
Carolina Hanley
Rhiannon Heavens
Aidan Lucas
Jennie Philipow

Centreline Architecture Graduate Award ($500) – Interest and strenght in building technologies
Cole MacIsaac

MSoA Architecture and Society Award ($500) – Social awareness responding to a community’s needs
Maeve MacDonald

TD Bank Scholarship (Design for Human Habitation – $1,250) – Culturally sensitive and place-based revitalization of the built environment
Breana Chabot

TD Bank Scholarship (Design for a Living World – $1,250) – Ecological remediation and regeneration at the heart of design
Vennice de Guzman

The Yallowega Bélanger Salach Architecture Excellence Award ($2,500) – Excellent thesis focusing on Northern landscape and community-design
Isaac Edmonds