RAIC Virtual Conference / S.Bassett and T.Galvin

Professor Shannon Bassett will participate in the steering group for the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada and the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture Academic Summit on Architecture on Thursday June 17 at 11:00 am. This summit presents papers and projects from Schools of Architecture in Canada and the US featuring the latest research from academics and practitioners in the fields of architecture and design. Shannon will be moderating the panel on HYBRID APPROACHES TO CLIMATE CHANGE FUTURES. The event will end at 7:00 pm with the RAIC College of Fellows Celebration, where MSoA Founding Director, Dr. Terrance Galvin, will be inducted into the College of Fellows. 
Please see link for full 2021 RAIC/CCUSA Academic Summit Program: https://raic.org/sites/raic.org/files/v3_2021_raic-ccusa_academic_summit_2.pdf
Please note that the RAIC has student pricing for the Summit. 
The COF Celebration is a free event for the public. 
Follow the link to register:  www.raic.org/conference2021