Jonathan Kabumbe wins a Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence

We are delighted to share that Jonathan Kabumbe, MSoA alumnus and sessional instructor, won a Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence for his thesis project Kushirikiana: Une approche architecturale collaborative et résiliente supportant la prévention de la violence sexuelle à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo. The thesis investigates how the building process can help transform the image of women and support the prevention of sexual violence in Eastern Congo. The result is an architectural guide allowing architects, clients, end users and NGOs to empower women during the construction process. The guide is then applied in the design of a women’s construction and agricultural centre in Businga, South Kivu province, in which women can develop new hands-on skills, endorse higher responsibilities and elevate their social status. Faculty advisor: Emilie Pinard. Congratulations Jonathan, well deserved!