MSoA Awards and Scholarships

The MSoA is very happy to announce the recipients of two major scholarships for BAS and M.Arch students:

Firstly, the McEwen Scholarships for Black Excellence in Architecture are bestowed to graduate student Jonathan Kabumbe ($1,000) and to undergraduate student Troy Garcia ($1,000). The purpose of these scholarships created by the MSoA Faculty and funded by Rob and Cheryl McEwen, is to support Black students of the BAS and M.Arch programs. They recognize academic excellence and achievement as demonstrated through application.

Secondly, the Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Scholarships in Architecture are bestowed to first year M.Arch students Brett Walter ($5,000), Jonathan Kabumbe ($5,000), Sarah Mason ($5,000), and Sydney Sheppard ($5,000). These graduate entrance scholarships are granted to high performing students in design and other areas of the curriculum to support and encourage their research and academic study in the first year of the M.Arch program.

We are immensely grateful to Rob and Cheryl McEwen for their extremely generous and steadfast support of our students.

Congratulations to the students!