2023 Ice Stations: Lemniskate (Damini)

As the 2022-23 academic year comes to an end, the MSoA is sharing beautiful photos to celebrate the built projects installed by 1st year students on Ramsey Lake this winter. We are also sharing the video put together by the students which documented their entire Ice Station design-build process, from early ideas to the installation on the ice path.

This station is called “Lemniskate” and was designed and built by the students in Michael Damini’s studio group: Hud Ahmed, Noam Aufgang, Tayten Beckett, Lauren Bowden, Nicole Cajamarca, Juan David Cordoba Ortega, Rukiyye Eroglu, Ebruphiyo Okorigba, Priya Shah, Yang Song, Sasha Sousa, Megan Young.

Noam Aufgang is the winner of the Ice Station Photo Award for Michael Damini’s group. Congratulations!