Virtual discussion with Todd Saunders (Saunders Architecture)

The last event of the Winter 2023 Laurentian Architecture Lecture Series is scheduled for next week (Wednesday March 22 – it was postponed as it originally was scheduled for March 15). The guest will be Norway-based Canadian architect Todd Saunders from Saunders Architecture (Bergen, Norway). Please note that this event will exceptionally be virtual (we invite people to attend in person in the Lecture Hall to watch it with us, but you will also be able to watch it from home on Zoom). Moreover, it will exceptionally happen at 9:30 am in the morning, due to the time difference with Norway.

This event will consist of a discussion about Todd’s recent book “Shared: Conversations about Contemporary Architecture”. It is presented by the Northern Ontario Society of Architects (NOSA) and by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). It is free and open to all (no need to register ahead of the Zoom event).

Link for the Zoom event:

Todd Saunders is known to infuse his contemporary buildings with an artistic sensibility that is deeply in tune with the uniqueness of northern terrains. His use of natural materials and simple yet striking geometries sets him apart as one of the most celebrated architects of his generation. He is recognized for constructing buildings that acknowledge and understand vernacular histories but create something entirely new. Born in Gander, Newfoundland, Todd Saunders studied at the Nova Scotia College of Arts & Design in Halifax and McGill University in Montreal. He founded Saunders Architecture in his adopted city of Bergen, Norway, in 1998 and went on to develop a portfolio of commissions across Scandinavia, Canada, America, and other parts of the world.

Share: Conversations about Contemporary Architecture – The Nordic Countries is the first book in a new global series of investigative interviews about the modern architectural process. The Nordic Countries edition features interviews with 30 architectural practices from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. In a series of interviews undertaken over the past year, Saunders has queried the changing role of the architect, the challenges of contemporary practice – especially the impact of the pandemic – and the ways in which architects can achieve the right balance in the relationship between site, client, craft and innovation. Presented as a series of candid conversations between architect and architect, the book offers insights that go beyond the polished histories that usually make it into print. In particular, the interviews explore the role of challenge and failure, conflict and mistakes, chance and coincidence; all familiar aspects of the architectural process yet elements that tend to be glossed over in conventional monographs.

Please note that this lecture qualifies for two (2) Ontario Association of Architects Continuing Education Structured Learning Hours.

See you in person or on Zoom!