First ever MSoA Design-Build Summer Camp

This summer, the MSoA will host its first Summer Design-Build Camp as students will be completing the fabrication, installation, and construction of the Bridge at Fort LaCloche. This project was started in the course of Graduate Craft Studios in past years, led by Master Lecturer Randall Kober, and is moving forward with a small group of independent study students who are carrying out planning and prefabrication in preparation for the upcoming summer Design-Build Camp.

The Camp (ARCH-3907) will be held during the first four weeks of August 2023. It is a 3-credit directed study elective that will be led by Randall Kober, and that will further develop the students’ physical and virtual making skills. Work will be carried out at MSoA and on the stunningly beautiful Fort LaCloche site. Some nights will be spent at the Fort, located on Lake Huron’s North Channel camping. Swimming, canoeing and camp fires will wind the days down.

The Summer Camp is open to all students registered for the 23/24 academic year. Enrollment is limited & dependent on permission of instructor Randall Kober. For more information submit a brief initial letter of interest to by February 10th.