Canadian Art & Architecture (W20)

ARCH-2036 – Canadian Art & Architecture – Winter 2020
This course introduces students to the work of significant artists and architects throughout Canada from the early 20th century to today. Studying the work of indigenous artists alongside the likes of The Group of Seven produces some striking parallels. The architectural work of Ron Thom, Arthur Erickson, Barton Myers, Art Townend, Douglas Cardinal, the Patkaus and others provides countless lessons for students of architecture. How do Canadian architects respond to the light, landscape, and materials associated with regions within Canada? How do artists and architects contribute to the making of Canadian art and architecture in a way that defines Canada as a cultural mosaic? Students study these questions through various works of art and architecture that are examined in class lectures and discussed through group presentations.

Course taught by Terrance Galvin. 

ASG-1 - Presentations on Canadian Artists and Architects

As this course traces major influences in both Canadian art and architecture, students research the biographies of artists or architects to see how their métier was influenced: where they studied, with whom, and what they brought back to their various contemporary practices within the Canadian scene. For artists, we discuss their art production and for architects we discuss their various building and urban design creations, all the while returning to the psychogeography of place.

ASG-4 - Competition Analysis using the CCC

From coast to coast, students were asked to study one of 21 architecture competitions held in Canada that are archived in the Canadian Competitions Catalogue (CCC) at the Université de Montréal. This group assignment introduced the idea of the competition brief, the various winners (not only the first place entry) and an analysis of the competition material that forms part of the CCC archive.

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