Design for Climate Change (F19)

ARCH-2306 – Design for Climate Change – Fall 2019
Climate has changed over the entire planet, especially since the 1970s and especially in the Canadian North. Following John Houghton’s Global Warming: the Complete Briefing, projections for further change to at least the 2050s in the North are more severe and farreaching in their ecological and human impacts than has already occurred. This course will review the science and consider the implications for responsible practice and due diligence in: 1) reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, and 2) adapting to the impacts of change in building systems and infrastructure at all scales in northern environments. The importance of recognizing and protecting the role of ecosystem services in communities will be examined in the context of changing climate in all of its aspects: changing normal conditions, variability, seasonal, and extremes. Case studies will include the School of Architecture itself. Special northern challenges, such as designing buildings on melting permafrost and the need to consider transportation issues in selecting building materials, will be given particular attention in relation to architecture and settlement patterns.

Course taught by Jean-Philippe Saucier.

ASG-2 - Passive Design Integration

This assignment allows students to apply through design the theory and methods of passive design learned in class and in previous assignments. It is directly linked to the design studio project (Sauna from ARCH-2505). It supports students in making their design more environmentally responsible. It is subdivided into two parts: (a) site analysis and conceptual intentions and (b) selection and integration of passive design strategies. Each student must produce a panel and a supporting report.