Lecture by Rami Bebawi (KANVA)

The first event of the Fall 2022 Laurentian Architecture Lecture Series is scheduled for this Thursday Oct.6 (5:30 pm, Lecture Hall). The guest lecturer will be Rami Bebawi, co-founder of KANVA (Montréal, QC). This lecture is presented by the Ontario Association of Architects, and is free and open to all.

Raised in Montreal, Rami Bebawi obtained his Professional Master’s degree from the prestigious McGill University School of Architecture. Co-founder of KANVA, Rami Bebawi has over twenty years of experience and has a unique background and multidisciplinary approach. He has the ability to assemble teams and bring projects to fruition, and his visionary creativity has already earned him numerous honors, publications, awards and distinctions. Supported by a dynamic and loyal team, he develops a new form of practice combining architecture, artistic creativity and construction expertise. The close links between these disciplines give rise to a series of innovative, viable and sensitive projects.

Please note that this lecture qualifies for two (2) Ontario Association of Architects Continuing Education Structured Learning Hours.

See you there!