Natasha Mickovski’s Thesis work recognized internationally

The McEwen School of Architecture is proud to announce that the Thesis of Natasha Mickovski (M.Arch 2022), titled, “Design Enabled: The Everyday Refuge for a Neuro-Inclusive City“, which was the recipient of the McEwen Graduate Award for Social Engagement, is making an impact internationally.

The Center for Universal Design Australia is stating that:
There is a growing awareness that a significant portion of the population is neurodiverse. This term captures people who appear to have different behaviours and/or have a specific diagnosis such as autism or ADHD. Sensory factors such as noise and crowds, pose barriers for some people who are neurodiverse. However, these factors are rarely considered in urban planning and design. Until now. Natasha Mickovski tackles the issues in her Master of Architecture thesis. Her thesis is comprehensive with drawings and case studies illustrating her ideas and key points. Of interest is her adaptation of the 7 Principles of Universal Design.

The Center for Universal Design Australia’s website, which speaks about Natasha’s work, can be visited here.

Natasha’s complete Thesis can be found here.

The Thesis was supervised by Kai Wood Mah. The Second Reader was Jennifer Carpenter.

Congratulations, Natasha!