Thesis February Reviews

This week, in the wake of their research, the Thesis students will present for the first time their architectural project during the second to last Thesis Reviews. These February Reviews are starting Monday morning (Feb.14) and will last until Friday afternoon (Feb.18) – see the complete schedule below. For the occasion, the MSoA will welcome more than 15 guest critics to guide the students in the refinement of their Thesis Projects, in preparation for the April Thesis Defenses. All MSoA students are invited to join us and support the Thesis students in this important step of their process – check your emails from Victoria Dominico for the Zoom links.

Thank you to all the guest critics who are donating their time to provide a fresh perspective on the Thesis students’ work: Amber Baechler, Louis-Pierre Bélec, Shawn Bailey, Dennis Castellan, Azza Kamal, Kat Kovalcik, Jean-Bruno Morissette, D. Brent North, Clayton Payer, Jason Rebillot, Murray Rochon, Peter Sampson, Scott Sorli, Geneviève Vachon, June Williamson, and David Winterton.

We also thank all the Thesis Second Readers who have generously accepted to be part of this review to provide additional support to the Thesis students: Shannon Bassett, Peter Beckett, Kristin Beites, Roch Bélair, Louis Bélanger, Amey Brocklebank, Jennifer Carpenter, Dennis Castellan, Roberto Chiotti, Damian Collins, David Fortin, Alain Fournier, Miriam Ho, Daniel Glenn, Amanda Large, Trung Lê, Bruce Mau, Camille Mitchell, Murray Rochon, John Rossini, Joseph Sauvé, Sheena Sharp, Megan Torza, Danielle Whitley, Lynne Wilson Orr, Jennifer Wilson, and Ted Wilson.

The complete schedule, listing each participant for each review, will be provided in the email with Zoom links from Victoria Dominico.

Thesis February Reviews Schedule