2022 Ice Stations: The Passage (Alladin)

The 2022 MSoA Ice Stations came to an end Saturday March 12 and to celebrate the great work of 1st year students, we are sharing beautiful photos of the built projects installed on Ramsey Lake (photos by Braeden Martel), as well as the original drawings made by the students in December, before the start of the construction. We are also sharing the video put together by the students which documented their entire Ice Station design-build process, from early ideas to the installation on the ice path.

This station is called “The Passage” and was designed and built by the students in Kemal Alladin’s studio group: Emmanuella Aderibigbe, Jesse Caswell, Sophie Fishbein Ouimette, Kevin Greene, Nicole Guinto, Teslin Hale, Larina Hansen, Wade Mavin, Matthew Mendoza Ulloa, Matthew Morcos, Erika Pullman, Marina Shehata, Lauren Wagstaffe, Cole Warner, Jack Zilio, and Ashely Waugh.


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