Fabrication 1 (F20)

ARCH-5306 – Fabrication 1 – Fall 2020
This course provides students with a framework for which to gain a deeper understanding of the models and processes pertaining to architectural design and fabrication. Students are introduced to the tools and workflows surrounding computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines, CAD/CAM technologies, 3D printing, etc. Projects and assignments focus on both digital and manual craft, exploring hybrid technologies within a refined material sensibility (including wood, concrete, metal and earth). Periodic readings and discussions topics serve as a platform to further investigate the relationship between process, materiality, fabrication and performance.

Course taught by Steven Beites.

ASG-3 - Mobile Homeless Shelter / Sleeping Pod

With the lack of permanent and temporary shelters in Sudbury, intensified by the recent demolition of the Salvation Army on Larch Street, mobile shelters and sleeping pods can serve to bridge the gap that often exists between homelessness and housing assistance. This project will therefore focus on the design of a modular and/or mobile homeless shelter using computational algorithmic design methods and digital fabrication technologies.